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Gherzi Textil Organisation Textile Manufacturing


The leading global textile consulting firm for more than 90 years.

Our Mission.

We strive to exceed the requirements and expectations of every client by utilizing our extensive network of consultants, deep knowledge of the textile supply chain, and many years of experience working for clients around the world.

Our Work.

As consultants to the global textile industry, we work to create compelling business strategies for our clients supported by sound research, creativity, business acumen, and years of experience spanning the globe.

Our Experience.

For more than 90 years, Gherzi has worked on behalf of manufacturers, merchants, brands, and retailers. With offices around the world, more than 120 Gherzi consultants work with clients throughout the complete textile supply chain — from field to shelf, fibers to retail.

Our Clients.

Representing the most innovative and successful companies in the textile supply chain, our clients are leaders in the industry, change-agents, pioneers of new technologies and ways of doing business. Our clients range from small start-ups to well-known multinationals, from non-profits to NGOs, to industry associations and governments.

Robert Antoshak Bio


Robert Antoshak has over 30 years of experience in the fiber and textile industries. As a partner with the Gherzi Textile Organization, he manages the Gherzi USA office and consults to various companies throughout the textile supply chain.

He has held executive positions with the Fiber Economics Bureau as editor of the Fiber Organon, American Fiber Manufacturers Association as Director of International Trade, American Textile Manufacturers as Associate Director of International Trade, Trade Resources, Inc. as President, Werner International as Vice President, INTL-FCStone, LLC as Managing Director of the Fibers & Textiles Division, and Olah Inc as Managing Director.

In addition to an extensive background in marketing, mergers and acquisitions, sourcing, information services, and strategic planning, Mr. Antoshak has strong experience in trade negotiations and worked as an FBI-cleared industry advisor to the U.S government on numerous bilateral quota trade agreements, NAFTA, the MFA, and the WTO.

Widely published, Mr. Antoshak is a regular contributor to and  He also maintains his

own blog,


Robert Antoshak Gherzi USA
Eric Goldstein Gherzi USA
GHERZI USA consultant


Eric Goldstein has more than 30 years of experience in textile manufacturing, product development, brand management, and retailing. As a consultant with the Gherzi Textile Organization, he manages a wide range of projects for clients throughout the textile supply chain.

Throughout his career Mr. Goldstein has founded, created, and contributed to the evolution and growth of American companies that embrace this country’s unique history and integrity, with over-arching brand concepts, innovative thinking, and exceptional product expertise. 

A graduate of Philadelphia University, with a Degree in Textile Technology and a Minor in Apparel Production, he has held executive positions with Ralph Lauren and The Gap. He developed with RRL (Double RL) brand for Ralph Lauren and 1969 Jeans for The Gap., and co-founded Jeans Shop, the iconic denim retailer in New York City. Mr. Goldstein had consulted to a variety of companies including Vidalia Mills, Marquee Brands, Hansae, QVC, Michael Strahan, Todd Snyder, and Charlotte Russe to name a few. 

An industry leader with tremendous personal integrity, Mr. Goldstein has a genuine passion for what he does. He is a profound listener as well as an excellent influencer, with an unassuming but truly engaging approach to nurturing partnerships that will create a foundation, not only for an authentic creative vision, but for sustainable brand equity.

GHERZI USA consultant


Fernando Arguelles is an industry veteran with over 35 years of experience in textile manufacturing, sales, and marketing. In addition, he has deep expertise in yarn and circular knit markets in the U.S. and Latin America.

Mr. Arguelles excels at identifying and developing new market prospects and merger and acquisition opportunities throughout Latin America with many of the most innovative vertical textile mills in the Western Hemisphere.

His background includes positions with Parkdale Mills as Director of Latin American Sales and TNS Mills as Sales Director for Latin America. He was instrumental in opening new markets throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean for both firms.

In addition to yarn and fabric sales, he currently works on significant full-package denim and knitted sourcing programs for major US brands engaged in nearshoring.

Fernando Arguelles Gherzi USA
David McAlister Gherzi USA
GHERZI USA consultant


David McAlister has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, product management and development, and technical services. As a consultant with the Gherzi Textil Organisation, he manages manufacturing and technical projects for clients throughout the fiber, textile, and made-up industries.

An expert in fibers and textiles, McAlister is an accomplished senior-level manufacturing, product management, and research professional, having held positions at Uster Technologies as Product Manager, USDA as Lab Director & Research Leader, Cotton Quality Research Unit, Institute of Textile Technology as Manufacturing Team Leader, Parkdale Mills as Director of Manufacturing, and Mount Vernon Mills as a Manager.

He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Management from Lacrosse University, an M.S. in Textile Science from the Institute of Textile Technology, and a B.S. in Management from Jacksonville State University.


Conscientious and excellence-oriented, McAlister is a problem solver and team player. He has earned a reputation for a deep knowledge of textiles, along with the professional qualities of dependability, integrity, and efficiency.

GHERZI USA consultant


April Kappler has served the cotton and textile supply chain for over fifteen years. Serving as command central in many of her roles, April is an experienced structure builder, adept project manager, creative problem solver, and forward-focused visionary. She has a keen ability to manage internal and external stakeholders while aligning goals, deliverables, communications, and budgets.

April got her start managing the marketing programs of Cotton Council International (CCI) in Asian markets. As an Economic Developer and Project Manager for the North Carolina Department of Commerce, April worked with international companies managing their investment and site selection projects.

As the Director of Operations for a sustainability focused textile-technology start-up, ColorZen, April managed the site selection, process implementation, manufacturing, and supply chain of ColorZen cotton, which was shipped around the world.


As the US Operations Manager for Better Cotton (BCI) April served as a bridge between the global leader in licensing sustainably grown cotton with the US cotton industry. She and her team worked with hundreds of growers, gins, and merchants to verify US growing practices.

April is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a BS in International Relations and Comparative Politics, and a BA in Chinese Studies. She earned her MBA at North Carolina State University.

April Kappler, Gherzi USA Consultant
David Uricoli Gherzi
GHERZI USA consultant


David Uricoli has over 35 years of experience in apparel manufacturing, sourcing, social compliance, and due diligence programs. David has been involved in building and contributing to the foundation of social responsibility and compliance programs within the CSR industry since the mid-1990’s.


As a Gherzi Textile Consultant, David continues the services he provides to companies in social responsibility, compliance, remediation, and traceability as well as his extensive knowledge in the CBP’s UFLPA regulations and CTPAT programs within apparel, accessories, and footwear supply chains.  


As a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City in Menswear, David spent 32 years at Ralph Lauren.  Initially working in product development and sourcing, David was instrumental in locating suppliers for the startups of iconic RL brands; RRL, Purple Label, Polo Sport and RLX.  In 1998 David founded and led the Global Human Rights Compliance (GHRC) department. The GHRC department became the company’s compass for their ethical and socially responsible global production ecosystems and positioned the company as an early pioneer of ethical and responsible sourcing.


David has worked across multiple product categories in the end-to-end supply chain to influence supplier improvements by strengthening relationships and forging trust to drive remedial progress and lasting improvements.

GHERZI USA consultant


Jey John has more than 20 years of experience in apparel manufacturing and retail. As a consultant with the Gherzi Textile Organization, he manages engineering and factory modernization projects for various clients in the apparel industry.


His background includes strategic roles in product lifecycle, material development, engineering, and supply chain at leading companies in Europe, the UK, and the USA.


Jey has held senior-level positions with Calvin Klein, Target, Burberry, Freshtex, and others, focusing on cost engineering and optimization, sustainability, and end-to-end quality control at various segments of the textile supply chain, including fibers, yarns, fabrics, and garments.


Jey has worked in six countries as an accomplished manager in manufacturing and retail environments. In addition, Jey has experience managing teams of technologists and engineers working to mitigate risk and elevate quality and sustainable manufacturing in the apparel sector.

Jey John, Gherzi USA
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